Easy steps and procedure on how to reserve a unit in One Lancaster Park


Easy steps and procedures on how to reserve a unit in One Lancaster Park.

* Fill up completely the Client Registration Form (CRF) and Buyer's Information Sheet(BIS).
* Sign the following forms:
1. Reservation Agreement(RA)
2. Sign Unit Layout
3. Sign Payment Schedule or Sample Computation during Off-line
4. Sign BIR Form 1904 with TIN
5. Sign Data Privacy
* Submit 2 valid IDs.
* Submit all forms to Reservation Officer for verification.
* Once approved, pay the reservation fee.
* Congratulations! The Unit is reserved in your name for 30 days.
* The Reservation Fee closes the sale on a first-come, first-served basis.
* Reservation payment will hold the unit for you.
* No payment, No reservation.
* It forms part of the down payment or equity

Reservation Fee:
Condo Unit - 25,000.00
Parking -       10,000.00

Please take note:
Reservation is not transferrable or non-refundable

Contact 0999 997 7995 / 0906 306 6330 for more details

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